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Striving to be the leading branded group of mid-to-premium ladies’ footwear in the PRC, the Group upholds a diversified brand strategy and product portfolio as to diversify its footwear offerings and enter diversified market segments. The Group is popular for its brand values of elegance, charm and fashionable in the market, and operates self-developed brands, including C.banner, EBLAN, MIO, BADGLEY MISCHKA and licensed brand United Nude.


C. banner, founded in 1995, sets out from the design concept of “Inspired Life With Temperature” and combines exquisite manufacturing technology to create pervasive, relaxing and comfortable footwear products. Adhering to the brand proposition of “Footwear With Life Inspiration”, the C. banner is committed to bringing modern young families fashion items closer to quality and life by a classic design style with details and ease. C. banner conveys the elegant, meaningful and pure self-expression in the new era, making every step an art of simplification.


EBLAN, the sweet and cool easy-fashion women’s footwear brand, redefines the girliness with “Half Cool & Half Sweet”, advocates “preference for myself, and fashion by me”, and encourages the expression of multi-faceted real self.


MIO, derived from “me” in Italian, expresses the meaning of maintaining oneself in the world of losing oneself.

It is a unique footwear brand for those individual, fashionable and interesting girls who have turned on the switch of “Slightly Mature”, using design language to express independent women’s own “me” consciousness, let those minds unwilling to be mediocre be fully released, which can not only bloom elegantly, but also walk everywhere.

By constantly exploring the lifestyle of refined women, sharing aesthetics and fashion attitudes, MIO defines footwear with the narrative archetypes that different people set in their lives and work. Give each pair of footwear fresh life and deliver more fresh vitality to women living in the moment. With unrestricted imagination, MIO conveys the power that truly belongs to women.


Natursun belongs to Mayflower Footwear Co., Ltd.We focus on studying the technology and skills of manufacture shoes all the time, Inherit and improve the essence of both Chinese and foreign manufacturing.

A large number of analyses and comparisons of the characteristics of foot data in different countries and regions, we sources natural materials throughout the world, collect the essence of nature, follow fashion trend, develop and manufacture comfortable shoes that be more suitable for Chinese people.

“comfort, nature, quality and fashion” is the core of Natursun , “walking plus comfort” is the design concept all the time.Natursun shoes bring confidence and happiness to urban white-collar beauty with fashionable and feminine design style and comfortable wearing experience.


Badgley Mischka, founded in 1988 in America, is a brand created by two top appareal designers.

Starting from Mark Badgley meeting James Mischka in Parsons School of Design, to the establishment of first specialty store in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, the simple and contemporary formal clothings and suits of Badgley Mischka are destined to be welcomed by celebrity. In addition, the designers have introduced a series of Badgley Mischka bridal veils at a later stage. Apart from evening wear and formal clothings, the brand has concentrated in making a series of accessories, such as diamond footwear, handbags and perfumes that could be matched with the bridal veil, evening wear and formal clothings.

Nowadays Badgley Mischka has become the most popular fashion concept for Hollywood Awards Ceremony. The celebrity who wears Badgley Mischka must catch the spotlight.

In February 2013, C.banner had acquired the registered trademark of Badgley Mischka in terms of footwear and handbags product in the Greater China region (including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). In December 2016, C.banner launched its women's footwear in China with a brand new design concept penetrating major business circles.

Badgley Mischka chooses quality fabrics and advanced workmanship for its design and production respectively. They have been adhering to the design concept of injecting elegant element to their products. Either the details of the shape or luxury, the credibility of Badgley Mischka’s products has pushed itself to the peak of fashion.

From the daugther of the president to the Hollywood award winners, the brides all around you are all fans of Badgley Mischka. Time to wear Badgley Mischka and let yourself shine in important occasions!